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    Amazing Remote Jobs: The Rise of the Multitalented Virtual Assistant 

    A virtual assistant offers administrative services to an individual or a business but works remotely – or outside their offices.  COVID-19 has further propelled our dependency on technology and given a push to the Work from Home (WFH) culture. And, thus, virtual assistants have become more popular recently.   On one hand,, automation is reducing the number of mundane tasks...

    April 6, 2021
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    What Makes the Montessori Method of Education Powerful?

    Put a child in a room with toys and objects, and let them do whatever they want. This was what Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician, innovator, and educator, believed.   She believed that children learn better when they choose what to learn. And, she went on to pioneer the Montessori method of education. Unlike traditional methods of learning which are educator-led, education...

    March 25, 2021
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    What is Incremental Innovation?

    What do companies do when they are not launching groundbreaking innovations? Are they still innovating? Do they have something of value for existing or potential customers!?  The recent news about Coca-Cola’s trial of its new paper packaging made great headlines. It wasn’t disruptive, but it was still huge! A large conglomerate wants to become plastic-free by 2030, and thi...

    March 16, 2021


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